Dorset Venison offer discreet, effective control of deer populations.
We pay for every deer we take from your land. Earn £30 for each deer we remove from your land.
We use unbranded vehicles, shoot by arrangement and maintain a sustainable cull based on your needs.
Deer on your land should generate an income and be sustainably managed by a professional organisation.
  • Our stalkers are insured 
  • Our stalkers are qualified 
  • We use .308 rifles to ensure a humane kill 
  • We have no problem using copper bullets  
  • We will never discuss the management of your deer with anyone but you
Call us to arrange a meeting. We’d be happy to visit you at your convenience.


Our Staff

The Dorset Venison Company is made up of people with years of experience in their field, we only employ friendly approachable people that put clients at ease and ensure the best possible experience.


We offer guided stalking in Dorset. There’s no better way to reconnect with the wild than to help with the management of deer in Dorset.


The Dorset Venison Company runs regular courses covering butchery, cooking, bushcraft and outdoor living, we love helping people learn new skills.




Miss Hazel Fendley

“Absolutely fantastic - knowledgeable, professional and welcoming.”